2016 - 2017 BCVBC Teams

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Berkshire County Vbc in Lenox

Mark Battaini

BCVBC 16U Club Coach


Phil Paul 

BCVBC 16U Club Head Coach


Bessena Cabe

BCVBC Club Director

18U Open Head Coach 


Meet Our Staff and Coaches

Our Programs: 


  • 18U ELITE
  • 17U ROYALS

2017/2018 CLUB TEAMS: 

  • 16U-1 
  • 16U-2

​2017/2018 In-House development

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Mission & Philosophy

BCVBC offers three different programs: Open Teams, Club Teams, and In-House for girls 12 through 18. The club was established to provide players living in Berkshire County an opportunity to develop great athletic talents, serve as a feeder program to the High Schools, build their volleyball skills, learn the value of teamwork, and experience the life lessons learned through the enjoyment of the sport.

At BCVBC , we offer quality coaching, which is focused on both developing fundamentals and high level techniques.  We focus on development in the basic skills of the sport in the younger ages, while always seeking top competition.  As a player progresses with age and skill level in the club, we offer an increasingly competitive learning environment that aids in the further skill development.

The Junior Girls season is held from Mid-November through May. During the season all teams and individuals must be  registered with the club and NERVA/USAV. Both Open and Club teams will be travel teams. Tournaments are generally held in facilities throughout the Connecticut, Western Mass., Vermont, and New Hampshire areas. The In-house program will be for much younger players who are new to the sport and will not be doing any traveling during the season.  

Our main mission at BCVBC is to develop and provide athletes with a high level of technical skills, training and instruction in a very positive learning environment to help promote personal growth and passion for the game.

The BCVBC provides technical, tactical and physical training necessary for our athletes to be successful through excellence in coaching during intense practice and competition. We are a strong believer in developing athletic talents and enabling athletes to reach their maximum playing potential while cultivating in them a competitive spirit and sense of community through a structured environment.

Through our program we strive to build:

  • ​​Character through the challenges that intense training and competition provide
  • Futures and options for athletes who desire to compete at higher levels
  • A culture of excellence 

To achieve these goals, we attempt to:

  • Provide great quality coaching in a challenging but nurturing environment
  • Develop a supportive and participatory relationship with our athletes, coaches and parents
  • Create positive learning environments

We are looking for players who want to:

  • Play Hard
  • Improve Everyday
  • Be the best that they can be on and off the court
  • Be Passionate about Volleyball
  • Be Part of a team
  • Invest in themselves, their teammates and their coaches

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